SunDog Therapy strives to promote health, wellbeing, and participation in meaningful activities for children and adults of all abilities through occupational therapy, animal assisted therapy, recreational classes, wellness services, and dog training. 

Occupational therapy (OT) improves a person’s ability to participate in everyday life and reach their fullest potential. We provide OT for children and adults to overcome physical, cognitive, and psychosocial challenges through skill development, task adaptations, and environmental modifications. Our mission is to empower individuals to better engage in activities of daily living, work, rest, and leisure. Services take place in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

What We Do:

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Along with traditional OT services, we often incorporate specially trained dogs into OT intervention through the skilled implementation of animal assisted therapy (AAT). Our clients work towards their therapeutic goals while training dogs using positive reinforcement methods, learning how to care for dogs, and playing games together. This can be a meaningful, motivating, and engaging method of therapy. 

  • Our OT sessions take place in a friendly outdoor setting or in the natural environment (client’s chosen location such as the home, workplace, school, park, etc.). This makes our interventions person-centered and purposeful. People are more likely to develop and improve their skills if practicing in typical day-to-day settings.
  • For those who love dogs but don’t have therapy needs, we also offer dog training and wellness/recreational classes for anyone who wants to learn more about dogs and develop positive relationships with them. We are passionate about spreading positive human-animal interactions through recreational classes for kids and teens to learn how to communicate with, care for, and train dogs. We also work with dog parents to train their puppies and dogs to have good manners, life skills, and social skills using positive reinforcement, relationship-based, and force-free methods. We help prepare dogs to become therapy dogs (volunteer and professional) and some service dog work.

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SunDog Therapy provides occupational therapy, animal assisted therapy, recreational classes, wellness services, and dog training for individuals in the Southern California communities of: Diamond Bar, Walnut, Chino Hills, Hacienda Heights, Covina, Pomona, San Dimas, Claremont, Brea, Placentia, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and surrounding areas.

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