Dog Training

Dog training provides a wonderful opportunity to build a meaningful and positive relationship with your dog. Together, you and your dog can live happy and enriched lives. You may encounter obstacles and problems along the way, and that is okay. We are here to help!

We as humans are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of our dogs. At SunDog, we use humane, science-based, and force-free training techniques. We will teach you how to use positive reinforcement and clicker training which makes dog training easy, effective, and fun! We will also teach your dog the skills needed to make good choices and be a well-adjusted member of your family. You can replace bad habits with good habits and turn “no” into “yes”!

Rather than using intimidation, fear, pain, or force to correct the dog’s behavior, we focus on teaching the dog the behaviors we want and rewarding those behaviors with what the dog enjoys (food, treats, toys, praise, petting). We use prevention, management, training, and enrichment to provide humans and their dogs the tools needed to live harmoniously. We address the root cause of the behavior instead of suppressing behavior through punitive methods. Reward-based methods are effective, teach dogs to think independently, and leads to more reliable behavior. Our methods promote a relationship based on love, trust, cooperation, and understanding.

We follow the Hierarchy of Dog Needs model for standards of care and best practices for force-free behavior modification. For more information on training methods, here are links to scientific research studies and resources about positive reinforcement training, the adverse effects of using punishment and aversives in dog training, and misconceptions about dominance theory.

What makes our services unique: A big part of dog training is training the human! As an occupational therapist and dog trainer, Karen has specialized knowledge and experience to work with both ends of the leash. She works with clients and families of all abilities and disabilities. Karen teaches desired skills and behaviors, adapts tasks, and modifies the environment so both the dog and human are successful. She also educates and consults with individuals on assistance/service dogs and emotional support animals (what are the differences, who may benefit, legal and ethical considerations). Karen can assist with task training or refer to reputable assistance dog trainers and organizations. Karen is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, a member of the Pet Professional Guild, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and an evaluator for Pet Partners.

Our training curriculum teaches dogs good manners, life skills, and social skills. We find solutions to problem behaviors. We prepare people and dogs for programs such as:

We also teach the Family Dog Private Training program for families with kids who are raising a puppy or newly adopted dog. 

Private Lessons 

Lessons take place in the home or community (within Diamond Bar, East San Gabriel Valley, or North Orange County). They are typically 1 to 1.5 hours and we meet once a week or as needed so you can learn the skills needed to train your dog. See below for training packages or contact us for personalized training rates.

We Work On:

  • Basic Manners (name, sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, leave it, settle)
  • Socialization and House Manners (for puppies or rescue dogs)
  • Problem Behaviors (pulling on leash, reactivity, barking, fear, anxiety, chewing)
  • Preparation for Animal Assisted Interventions (for volunteer visiting therapy dog programs and for professional animal assisted therapy work). Please review the definitions of Animal Assisted Interventions here.

We do not offer training for extreme behavior issues and may refer you to a veterinary behaviorist or dog behavior specialist. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.


Day School Option

This option is available for the Diamond Bar area and is ideal for humans who are extra busy and for dogs who need the consistency and support of frequent training sessions. This is a great alternative to a traditional “board and train” or “bootcamp” that requires you to send your dog away. We come to your home to train your dog 2-5 times per week to jump start your dog’s learning and practice newly learned behaviors. You can be present to observe or be away working or running errands. We include weekly transfer sessions so you know how to cue and reward your dog for good behaviors throughout the week. 


Puppy Training Package 

  • For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old
  • Training may focus on: puppy-proofing the home, potty training, socialization, basic manners, loose leash walking, play biting/chewing, sharing food/toys, preventing problem behaviors

Rescue Dog Training Package 

  • For newly adopted dogs
  • Training may focus on: bonding, adjusting to new home, house manners, basic manners, problem behaviors, physical and cognitive enrichment

Training Rates

  • One private 1-hour lesson for $115 (puppy or basic manners)
  • Package of 3 private 1-hour lessons for $330 (save $15)
  • Package of 5 private 1-hour lessons for $525 (save $50)
  • Package of 10 private 1-hour lessons for $950 (save $200)
  • Private lesson at trainer’s location in Diamond Bar for $85
  • Virtual private 1-hour lesson for $85
  • 1.5-hour initial evaluation/consultation for behavior modification for $145
  • Additional travel fee may apply and rates are subject to modification
  • Contact us for custom package options


We also offer VIRTUAL dog training! 

Dog training lessons take place online using Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet or a similar video call platform. 

  • One private 1-hour lesson for $85


    Family Dog Private Training Program

    Got kids AND a dog? You need FAMILY TRAINING! 

    Check out the video below to find out about our specialized fun, effective and 100% positive family training package.

    Our Family Dog Private Training program is customized to get EVERYONE involved. Ready to turn your dream of the perfect family dog into a reality? We have all the tools and support you’ll need to make it happen. 

    We’ll provide:

    • 6 Private Training Sessions (In-Person or Virtual)
      • Master ONE totally achievable training skill every week
      • Put your new skills to use in YOUR home – where you need it most!
      • Involve your WHOLE family in the training – YES! Kids too.
      • Play training games that make learning FUN!
    • An Online Video Family Training Program
      • The parents’ program has all the most important skills for raising kids and a dog together
      • The kids’ program is a “Special Agent Center” where they’ll have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning!
      • AND there’s even “in a nutshell” videos to help keep grandparents and nannies on the same page.
    • Weekly Homework Emails
      • Stay on track with a recap of your session
      • Watch videos that coach you through the skills you’ve learned
      • Feel confident that you’re on the right path!

    We now offer a special 15% off discount ($169 instead of $199) for people who are just looking for an online training program WITHOUT the additional private lessons. This is a great option for those on a budget. Click here to purchase from our affiliate link. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are not sure which option is the best for you and your family.

    Group Classes

    Classes are on hold. Contact us for information on how to sign up for future classes.

    • Class size: between 3 to 6 participants, open to people with and without disabilities
    • Time: meets for 1 hour, once a week, for 6 weeks
    • Location: TBD
    • Cost: $25 – $45 per class

    We Teach:

    • Basic Manners (prepare for AKC Canine Good Citizen or C.L.A.S.S.)
    • Preparation for Animal Assisted Interventions (for volunteer visiting therapy dog programs and for professional animal assisted therapy work)
    • Tricks (teach your dog how to shake, roll over, take a bow, ring a bell, and more!)
    • Enrichment (learn games and make toys to provide your dog with physical and cognitive stimulation, decrease problem behaviors, and improve your bond)
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